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The Precision Plumbing Services Story

Meet Rick Doyle, owner and operator of Precision Plumbing Services

Rick has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, stating as early as age 8 splitting and selling ricks of wood, buying and fixing cars at age 12, and learning to do paint and body work at age 17. For the past 26 years he has been employed by a major local university, either in construction plumbing, maintenance plumbing, or supervision of a full construction crew. He has gained valuable experience in the plumbing industry during that time. Rick spent the majority of that time also working as a subcontractor or contractor, after leaving his primary job each day. You can view his LinkedIn profile to see his extensive plumbing history.

Precision Plumbing Services is a full service plumbing provider. The licensed company handles new construction, kitchen and bathroom remodels including water efficient fixtures and an extensive variety of sustainable plumbing, installation and repair of water heaters, clogged drains, back flow devices, gas lines, ecofriendly plumbing, and much more. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, Precision Plumbing Services desires to be your trusted plumbing partner.

Rick has successfully operated Precision Plumbing Services out of his home since the inception of the company. This year marks the beginning of great expansion. After 26 years, Rick has left his former full time position in order to concentrate on Precision Plumbing Services. As a company, we have begun to repurpose an off site location and make various changes in order to provide the excellent customer service for which he strives continually. The next goal is to begin to add quality service employees that share Rick’s work ethic and core values. MarJo Doyle works to assist Rick with customer service, marketing, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

The company motto of Precision Plumbing Services is “Superior service…traditional values”. We strive to be your trusted plumbing provider.

 To us Superior Service means:

  • Respecting your time: In a service industry, sometimes it is difficult to accurately predict when I can be at your home. However, I want you to have the confidence that if I say I will be there, I will be there. I will do my best to keep you informed if I am delayed.
  • Respecting your trust of my knowledge and experience: I strive to educate my customers on the best solution for your plumbing issue by explaining all the options and working within your budget for the most satisfactory solution. 
  • Respecting you after the job is complete: I follow up to insure your satisfaction and desire to resolve any issues that might occur after I leave.

To us Traditional Values means:

  • Respecting your home: I will treat your home as I would want a contractor to treat my home. 
  • Respecting you as a person: I will be polite, courteous and professional at all times. 
  • Respecting your financial situation: I will not make any repairs or install any product for you that I would not feel comfortable installing in my own home.

    Future Precision Plumbing Services employees will be held to the same standards.

What can customers expect when you come to their home?

Each service call that I go to is like a job interview for me. I present myself, my expertise, and my price for your consideration. You then get the choice of whether you want to work with me or not. If you are not agreeable to my price, we part as friends and hope to do business with you in the future. There is no charge for a service call to diagnose your problem and no hidden fees. I do not charge extra for night or weekend calls since plumbing emergencies do not only happen during the work week. I have offered up front pricing since the inception of the company in 2005. With this pricing system, you can be assured that you are only paying for the work that you need to have done.

Why “Precision” Plumbing? What does Precision Means to you?

I chose Precision Plumbing as my company name for several reasons: To me it means:

  • Being on the cutting edge in the industry
  • Striving to do the best I can for the customer 
  • Looking the best I can when I get there 
  • Doing a neat job 
  • Cleaning up my mess 
  • Talking all scraps with me to dispose of properly 
  • Acting like a professional from first contact to completion of the job 
  • Following up to make sure there are no remaining issues 

What do you enjoy most?

I like meeting and engaging with the family and the pets. I really like it when the family dog lies down beside me and goes to sleep while I am under a sink working. Most importantly, I like solving the problem and walking away knowing that I made a positive difference to my customer during a potentially difficult time.

Quality Assurance

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Alcohol Free
  • Drug Free
  • Smoke Free
  • Passed Multiple Background Checks

Rick’s Customer Care Pledge

When I started this company, I had two main goals in mind. I wanted to provide my customers with superior service while maintaining traditional values of trust, honesty, respect, and quality work at a fair price. I also wanted to take an active role in wise use of our natural resources. At Precision Plumbing Services, we care about our customers, and we care about the environment. This is my pledge to you in order to honor both.

Precision Plumbing Services will not perform unnecessary work. We want to earn your trust which will allow us to form a relationship with you that lasts. Continuity in plumbing providers is beneficial to you the homeowner, in the same manner as continuity in your medical provider. We get to know your home and you.

We honor your home as we would want a contractor to honor our home. We are as neat as possible while performing the work. We wear shoe covers while we are in your home to avoid tracking dirt and debris back and forth. We also use drop cloths for protection. After the work is complete, all trash is removed and recycled in a manner that is best for our environment.

We also believe that continuing education, while not required, is vastly important. Just like the fields of medicine and technology, the plumbing industry is always seeking to improve. New products are being developed at a rapid pace to increase efficiency, promote water conservation, or provide additional comfort. While traditional values are nonnegotiable to us, it is necessary that we keep abreast of the new trends of the industry in order to provide superior service.

At Precision Plumbing Services, we also understand that, whether you are male or female, inviting a stranger into your home can be intimidating. You can rest assured I am drug free, smoke free, alcohol free, and have passed numerous background checks. I still believe in being neighborly, lending a helping hand, and doing the right thing.

This is the standard I have set for my company. All future employees will be held to the same standard.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Rick Doyle, Owner
Precision Plumbing Services

The Value of the Indiana Plumbing License Law

Why It is Important to the Consumer

The Indiana Plumbing License Law establishes the rules for training, testing and licensing of plumbers and apprentice plumbers. Licensing helps ensure these individuals are knowledgeable and skilled and will build, install and maintain plumbing in a manner that complies with code. The law was created to protect the public health.

The Indiana Plumbing License Law:

  • Requires applicants taking the Indiana State Plumbing Exam to have successfully completed 4 years of classroom instruction and a minimum of 7600 hours of on the job training
  • Requires apprentices to pass a practical exam before applying to take the written exam Gives authority to local inspectors to ask to see the plumbing license (IC 25-28.5-1-35)
  • Requires plumbers and apprentices to carry a copy of their license
  • Requires anyone who holds themselves out to be a plumber to be licensed
  • Relieves a purchaser from paying for plumbing performed by unlicensed or unregistered persons
  • Call a licensed plumber; it’s the law.

Rick Doyle, Owner
Precision Plumbing Services, Inc
PC# 19900147

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