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Calorie-free CAKE???

Calorie-free CAKE???

Many life events are celebrated with cake. When people get married, they celebrate with a beautiful wedding cake. When they are ready to announce the sex of their baby to their friends and family, they have a gender reveal cake. Each birthday is celebrated with cake, as is the graduation, significant wedding anniversaries and retirement parties. At Precision Plumbing Services, we think your plumbing experience should be cake too. For us, cake is an acronym. 






How do we offer our customers cake? First of all, we care. We care about you as a person. We care about the way we treat your home. We care about your financial situation and your goals for your home. We also care about the environment, which includes our commitment to dispose of unused materials in the proper way. Visit the customer care pledge on our website to see how much we care.  Our care for all of these areas comes across in our attitude. We are always polite and considerate of our customers, and we are very appreciative of you. We hope that you are so pleased with us that you tell all of your friends and family about us. Because of our knowledge of the plumbing industry, you can feel confident in referring us to those people that are closest to you. We strive to keep up to date on all the new opportunities to pass comfort and savings on to our customers. Finally, we are proud of our experience. Twenty-six years of experience in construction and maintenance plumbing shows our dedication to this industry. Please visit Rick’s LinkedIn page to review his experience in detail at

Whether you are in Lafayette, Indiana or the surrounding areas, when you need quality plumbing services, choose the company that comes with CAKE.

Precision Plumbing Services… All the advantages…none of the calories.





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