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Super Plumber…where’s your cape?

Did you know that plumbers used to be considered heroes, right along with policemen and firemen? You might wonder why a plumber would be considered a hero. They are heroes because they protect the water supply for the community. You might not realize the importance of this task. We all know that certain tourist destinations caution you “Don’t drink the water!” This was certainly true when we went to Africa. but really…water contamination in the Lafayette, Indiana? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( tracks these statistics for the nation.  The last available report, Surveillance for Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Associated with Drinking Water and Other Nonrecreational water—United States, 2009-2010 indicated that 3 cases of Legionella were caused by “a deficiency in the plumbing system” for the building or home.  Legionella probably is not something you want to experience just because you hired the wrong contractor.


Recognizing the importance of protecting the water supply, Indiana law requires anyone who says that they are a plumber to be licensed by the State of Indiana. Plumbers must also carry and be prepared to present their current license. Indiana law takes this so seriously that the customer is “relieved” from paying for any plumbing work if they find out that an unlicensed person performed the work.


As a resident of Lafayette, Indiana for over 30 years, Rick cares about protecting this community’s water supply. Rick, the owner of Precision Plumbing Services, is a licensed plumbing contractor, having worked his way up from apprenticing at Purdue University to Journeyman Plumber to Plumbing Contractor.  He is also licensed through the Indiana Drinking Water division as a Backflow Device Tester. He carries his plumbing license card, and you can also verify his license at any time by following this link and clinking on “search and verify license”..


Rick is also a member of the Indiana Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. For information on the importance of hiring contractors that belong to such an organization, check out their website at


I think this plumber deserves a cape, don’t you?


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