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Rick has successfully operated Precision Plumbing Services out of his home since the inception of the company. This year marks the beginning of great expansion. After 26 years, Rick has left his former full time position in order to concentrate on Precision Plumbing Services. As a company, we have begun to repurpose an off site location and make various changes in order to provide the excellent customer service for which he strives continually. The next goal is to begin to add quality service employees that share Rick’s work ethic and core values. MarJo Doyle works to assist Rick with customer service, marketing, accounts receivable and accounts payable.


Calorie-free CAKE???

Many life events are celebrated with cake. When people get married, they celebrate with a beautiful wedding cake. When they are ready to announce the sex of their baby to their friends and family, they have a gender reveal cake. Each birthday is celebrated with cake, as is the graduation, significant wedding anniversaries and retirement parties. At Precision Plumbing Services, we think your plumbing experience should be cake too. For us, cake is an acronym.
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Super Plumber…where’s your cape?

Did you know that plumbers used to be considered heroes, right along with policemen and firemen? You might wonder why a plumber would be considered a hero.
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